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TFR743 - HackxWhore - Keeping It Stiff

HackxWhore - Keeping It Stiff

01 - Bitch Grinder
02 - Keeping It Stiff
03 - Conjunctivina
04 - Chromosome
05 - Cum Guzzler
06 - Fuck & Roll
07 - Breeding Mongrles
08 - Cheese Grater Masturbator
09 - Stabbed for a Ciggie
10 - Romper Stumper
11 - Elliot
12 - Cunt Butcher


Cunt - Guitarsehole
Luke - Blasting
Z.Kunt - Vaginal Vocal Pipes

Released on Torn Flesh Records, June, 2013
On Twitter @tornfleshrecs



"Originally formed in 2009 by brothers Kris and Luke, HackxWhore was spat out from the vagina of hell otherwise known as Ballarat. Other members of the band consist of Porno Paul and new additions Ex vocalist of Sufferkunt Zak Kunt and Joe Eastcott to complete the lineup. Hackxwhore have set out to revive the old-school grind that has been raped by the new school emo's. This is hardcore free and fringe free grind, played the way it should be. Raw, brutal and violent, this is a band on a mission to grind you into submission and leave you suffering from the agonies of the damned."

HackxWhore - Tag designed by DINAN FROM INDONESIA


Reviewer: THATDAMNCANCER - - July 3, 2013
Subject: CUTTING SHIT UP!!!!!!!!!!!
no play by play...short and to the knife can drink to can even fuck to or dead bodies..listen up hoodrats.turn off lil wayne start bumming this shit NOW!!!!!!!great fucking album ftw
Reviewer: Gastrorrexis - - June 14, 2013
Subject: HackxWhore-KeepingItStiff Review
Overall: Not a bad album. It has moment where it grooves, or just sounds awesome, but its biggest weakness is the lack of individuality between songs. Some songs just sound the same. However, the vocals are decent, drumming is good, and the guitars are solid.


01 - Starting with screaming and what sounds like a hacksaw, this song soon breaks into a harsh wall of sound. Not a lot of bass, but the guitar does it job well, laying a backing for the track with a mixture of percussive chugs and a semi-melody.

02 - Good vocals on this track, with a mixture of deep growls and high snarls. The guitar is grooving on this one, with a stoner metal sort of feel to it. Deep tremolo power chords, followed by a catchy riff. The drums are pretty basic, a standard rock feeling to them. the outro is somewhat amusing.

03 - Basically a wall of sound, constant guitars and rock drums. It does, however, have a little part where you can hear the bass so that's a plus. Vocals are impossible to understand, but it does have one good lead riff.

04 -This song has an epic movie-like feel to it. A deep full sound, and although the vocals could be louder, its a pretty good mixture. Best line - "watch the fucking teeth or you'll be leaving without them."

05 - This has a black metal feel to it, leaning more towards high pitched sounds rather then deep ones. The vocals are a mix again of snarls and growls, and the sound of the guitar trades of between black metal and groove metal. Not as groovy as heard before, but a decent composition all the same.

06 - Percussive guitars and blast beats. A great headbanger song. Definite groove to this song, provided by the awesome riffs and switch of drumming styles. The vocals are doubled, snarls and growls at the same time.

07 - Power chord/overtone tradeoff. Not a lot of groove, but it does have a sense of progression. Picture someone getting chased through the woods.

08 - Another low/high tradeoff, power chords and growls vs. riffs ans snarls. The drums are pretty steady. The song has a melodic middle section, where the lead guitar just takes over with a sick solo. A good change to throw in there. This song also has some double bass action.

09 - Not really a song so much as an interlude. Deep power chords and screams followed by a random condescending woman.

10 - Judging by the intro and the ferocity with which the guitars are played, I dare say this song has a vibe of domestic abuse. The guitars and drums are linked percussively, while the vocals for the most part are just held out growls.

11 - Something you can headbang to. It soon fades to a wall of sound, and the song isn't very long, but the vocals are good on this one.

12 - More of the same really. Nice drum work, but the guitars sound the same. Interesting ending though. Sounds like a computerized dog bark, and reminds me of the vocals of Grotesque Fermentation.
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